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We try to be effective and transparent in fullfiling our promise to donate 10% of pool rewards, but sometimes it's easier for sanctuaries to accept single donation of higher amount, rather than many small donations after each successful epoch. Therefore we decided to create a virtual treasury, where we add 10% (34₳) every epoch for future donations. All unspent ADA is stored in there and will be used to support various animal shelters in the future.

Already donated: 4668.37 ₳

Treasury balance: 903.86 ₳ (10. August 2023)


Just as our delegators come from different places of the world, so is our help going to be sent to various locations. Here is a map with facilities we supported. With the growing stake and minted blocks, we hope that many other places and projects that we supported will soon appear on it. Everything thanks to our great delegators!

Epoch Donated to Amount
440 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership October 2023 204.79 ₳
434 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership September 2023 209.97 ₳
428 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership August 2023 187.89 ₳
422 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership July 2023 192.49 ₳
416 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership June 2023 158.63 ₳
410 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership May 2023 147.10 ₳
404 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership April 2023 143.88 ₳
398 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership March 2023 162.6 ₳
392 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership February 2023 137.15 ₳
386 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership January 2023 194.18 ₳
380 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership December 2022 169.23 ₳
375 (US) Rainforest Foundation US 200 ₳
374 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership November 2022 122.83 ₳
367 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership October 2022 114.28 ₳
361 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership September 2022 107.11 ₳
355 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership August 2022 98.00 ₳
349 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership July 2022 109.42 ₳
343 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership June 2022 90.68 ₳
337 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership May 2022 67.33 ₳
330 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership April 2022 50 ₳
325 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership March 2022 66 ₳
324 (NL) A Seal - Adoption of baby seal Charles 629,16 ₳
319 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership February 2022 48,54 ₳
318 (DE) Seehundstation Friedrichskoog 98.2 ₳
313 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership January 2022 45.87 ₳
312 (NL) Sealcentre Pieterburen - adopted seal Mr. Flufferson 49 ₳
308 (CZ) Sea Turtle project 45 ₳
307 (Int.) Veritree - tribute to Vasil Dabov 100 ₳ cardano explorer
306 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership December 2021 39 ₳
302 (NA) Ocean Conservation Namibia 41 ₳
301 (Int.) Veritree 100 ₳ cardano explorer
300 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership November 2021 28.4 ₳
298 (US) Ocean Blue Project 25 ₳
297 (NL) Sealcentre Pieterburen - adopted seal Sarabi 30.5 ₳
294 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - Platinum Membership October 2021 25.13 ₳
291 (FR) LPA Calais 115 ₳
288 (DE) Seehundstation 96.6 ₳
283 (Global) Sea Shepherd 100 ₳ cardano explorer
282 (US) The Wild Animal Sanctuary 100 ₳ cardano explorer cardano explorer
280 (UK) Mablethorpe Wildlife Rescue 34 ₳
276 (CA) 52.5 ₳
275 (NZ) The Ocean Cleanup 100 ₳ cardano explorer
271 (NZ) WWF - New Zealand 34.33 ₳
269 (AN) Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition 30 ₳
267 (AU) Marine Mammal Foundation 42.73 ₳
265 (US) The Marine Mammal Center 18.55 ₳
263 (NL) Sealcentre Pieterburen - adopted seal Gromit 45.03 ₳
262 (PL) Fokarium Stacja Morska 32.6 ₳
260 (NA) Ocean Conservation Namibia 35.26 ₳
258 (CZ) ZOO Liberec - South American Sea Lion 37 ₳
256 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - seal Puppis 31 ₳
254 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - seal Atria 30 ₳
253 (IE) Seal Rescue Ireland - seal Gamma Ray 33 ₳

[ Epoch 405 ] There hasn't been any big news recently regarding our pool. But don't be afraid, we are still doing our best to continuously run our node and be a strong member of Cardano infrastructure. You can see it easily at verified blocks, which number just surpassed 400! That is something we couldn't even imagine, when we started this project. We are also able to provide constant support for Seal Rescue center in Ireland by being a Platinum member and sending 50 Euros every month. We also accumulate a bigger amount of Ada in our treasury. It is just waiting for the right project(s) to support. We don't want to donate any scam projects, so we select very carefully, where the money goes and who deserves it. Please let us know, what project do you think is worth to support.

Seal Rescue Ireland

[ Epoch 375 ] After a long time we would like to inform you about Seal Pool recent activities. It's been a whole year, when we became a Platinum member of Seal Rescue Ireland. From that comes a lovely duty to select a name for a newly rescued seal. We got a list with names connected with Ireland mythology, which we should choose from. Our final decision we will announce later, when a new seal pup will be named.

We are regularly looking for new ways, how to use Cardano ecosystem to fulfill our goal to support environment, animals and nature. Therefore we are happy every time, when we find a trusted project, which is accepting Ada directly. For our last donation we chose a really great project focused on rainforest protection - Rainforest Foundation US. This organization, founded by singer Sting more than 30 years ago, has the mission to support indigenous peoples of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment. If you are interested more in their mission, we definitely recommend to visit their websites.

Do you know about another great project (accepting ADA or not), which deserves support? Please let us know at one of our contacts.


[ Epoch 350 ] Epoch with such a nice number definitely deserves new post. Although our side projects make us a bit busy, we are still doing our best to operate the pool and manage donations. With the continously falling Cardano rate we cannot afford such big support as it used to be. We are still committed to Seal Rescue Ireland, because of the Platinum membership. We pay 50 Euro every month, which is more and more in Ada. Therefore we store all remaining Ada in the Treasury for future donations.

Seal in cage

[ Epoch 324 ] After loosing a portion of our essential delegators we experienced really tough epochs, including 0 block predictions. That means an outage of profits, which partly goes to donations. Despite that we decided for a unusually high donation in form of private adoption of a baby seal. Our priviledge was to name the boy, so our choice was clear. As a tribute to the father of Cardano we named him Charles. We wish him a quick recovery, happy and long life and hopefully he will find his Ada. We can also say that the situation with delegators and blocks is much better now and seems to be stable. We want to welcome all new delegators and those, who for example returned. We really apprecite you chose SEAL pool and do our best to not disappoint you.

Charles, the Seal

[ Epoch 312 ] We haven't posted here for a while, so please let us make a bit longer summary of our recent activities. As you can check in our table of donations, we have supported mostly well known centers and sanctuaries like Sealcentre Pieterburen, Ocean Conservation Namibia or Seal Rescue Ireland. We also donated overall 200 ₳ to Veritree organization, whose goal is to systematically plant trees in strategic locations to fight the climate changes.

Another newly supported project is tied to our homeland. It's a Czech project, which rescues Sea Turtles in Indonesia. They are doing really great job and we would like to support them also in the future. Baby Turtle We have already donated almost 1500 ₳ and we hope, that thanks to great support from our delegators we will continue the same way. Although these times are tough for us, because we lost some important delegators, we are working hard to support our community and attract new delegators. There are some benefits for our loyal delegators, like BabySeal tokens and Seal NFTs coming, you can find out more in the section tokens or on our social media. We are doing our best to steadily produce blocks and earn rewards for our delegators, and for donations. Thank you so much for staking with us.

Mr. Flufferson, the Seal

[ Epoch 294 ] Until now, we were doing mostly one-time donations to selected sanctuaries and organizations. But thanks to our loyal and amazing delegators, we became a pool that is now regularly minting blocks almost every epoch, and therefore we decided we should support our favorite seal sanctuaries in a more persistent way. With great pleasure we announce that as of now we are members of Platinum Membership program in Seal Rescue Ireland! That means a persistent support of the sanctuary with monthly donation of ADA worth of 50€. This donation should provide seals in the sanctuary with "every bit of vet care, food, warmth, cleaning products, medication, and treatment". This is all possible only thanks to people delegating to our pool! Thank you for making the world a better place! Platinum Member of Seal Rescue Ireland

Platinum Member of Seal Rescue Ireland

[ Epoch 282 ] Adaseal Pool has been in operation for almost half a year. There are some milestones archieved we would like to share. As of the time of writing this, we minted over 70 blocks. We got a stable base of 50 amazing delegators, thanks to whom we could donate more than 550 ₳ to various organizations worldwide. Sometimes it is hard to pick the right one to support. Our last donation was a little bit different in a way that we did not support seals, but felines in The Wild Animal Sanctuary (US). The reason was that their mission to support Wild animals is aligned with ours and that we could donate directly in ADA and thus support the Cardano environment. We are also looking for other ways, how to connect Cardano with the real life and our pool's mission. Thank you for staying with us!


[ Epoch 267 ] Greetings to all our supporters! We know last few epochs were difficult to handle, but it seems, that bad times are finally over and we keep the direction we have set. There is also no change in our goal to support wild animals worldwide. After few donations aimed to European shelters, our gift today landed in Australia. We are happy, that we could support Marine Mammal Foundation, which does a very important job.

Do you have your favourite animal rescue center, which you think we should support? Or do you think we should improve something? Let us know your ideas using our contacts. We are always happy to get some feedback from our delegators.

Certificate of donation

[ Epoch 265 ] This epoch we directed our interest beyond the ocean, all the way to the California. There is a huge Marine Mammal Center. We decided for one time donation of 35 USD to support whole center.

[ Epoch 263 ] Our next donation was sent to another amazing Sealcentre in Europe. The final decision went to support Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen, Netherlands. It is our modest birthday present, because this centre celebrates 50 years of existence! Congratulations on such archievement. The donated amount of 45₳ went to support seal Gromit. We wish him an early recovery and return to the wilderness, where he belongs to.

Certificate of donation

[ Epoch 262 ] This time we decided to support sanctuary Fokarium in Hel, Poland. For the first time not privately, but from pool rewards. We did not get any certificate, but we are listed on the donor list.


[ Epoch 260 ] Our next donation crossed borders of Europe and went directly to sunny Africa, to the Ocean Conservation Namibia. This amazing non-profit organisation primary objective is to help entangled seals and other marine animals along the Namibian coast and we are glad to support them. The organisation is also listed under Go Get Funding, where you can verify our sponsorhip in the Backers list.

Certificate of donation

[ Epoch 258 ] This epoch reward stays in our homeland, because we decided to support Sea Lions in the Liberec ZOO, Czech Republic. This type of donation is not an adoption of any particular animal, but support of the whole breeding. The name of our pool should be installed on the table in front of the aquarium. We will definitely visit this ZOO soon and add a photo here. We are already listed on donators list here. Only in CZ version.

Certificate of adoption

[ Epoch 256 ] With new epoch and successfully minted blocks we have promise of another reward. Our third support was sent to our favourite Seal Rescue Ireland again. Our adopted family has grown by a small Male Grey Seal pup, called Puppis.

Certificate of adoption

Puppis was very underweight and suffering from cough. At first he was tube-fed, but now he enjoys fish soup, salmon oil or electrolytes.

[ Epoch 254 ] We are doing our best to fulfill our promise to financially support wild animals. Next share from our pool reward was used to support Seal Rescue Ireland once more. This time we decided to adopt pup girl named Atria. We hope she will be soon in a better condition and ready to return back into the wild.

Certificate of adoption

Atria was found in January on the Donegal beach. She was less than a month old, orphaned by her mother. Except underweight she was not hurt.

[ Epoch 253 ] Thanks to all our kind supporters from among the delegators we can announce a big milestone in our pool's mission. On the March 13 we successfully confirmed our first block. That also means a promise of the first reward. We decided to help already before the end of the epoch and adopted our first SEAL. His name is Gamma Ray and lives in Seal Rescue Ireland.

Certificate of adoption
Gamma Ray

The adoption cost was €30, (that was 33 ₳ at the time of the donation). This corresponds to our promise to donate 10% of our pool rewards, which is fixed 340 ₳ for every epoch with at least 1 confirmed block.

Before the commissioning of the Adaseal pool the owners of the pool directly supported their favourite seal sanctuary at Hel, Poland called Fokarium. Here is a link to their official websites. We would like to support them also in the future, so we are really grateful for every delegator.

Hel Foki