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BabySeal token

Our pool minted 2 tokens and many NFTs, that are usually given to our delegators as part of loyalty program as well as to delegators of some of our fellow single pools.

Policy ID: 59e31d17e4d212ea35df6088e0395455c40f5ad463d161497a89c567

SEAL token

Given exclusively to our delegators as part of loyalty program. There is 10 million SEAL tokens, they are given to our loyal delegators based on their stake and they can be used to vote on which organizations our pool is going to financially support using our treasury. They also serve as a proof of participation within our pool.

Trade SEAL token here: MuesliSwap

BabySeal token

Low value "meme" coin that is also given to our delegators as well as delegators of other selected friendly single pools. This coin may be low of value, but it gives good vibes to everyone who owns it :). It also proves you have a good heart and support good pools.

Trade BabySeal token here: MuesliSwap


Each NFT represents organisation or animal that we supported. You can see whole gallery here


Vending Machine

Vending machine is a platform created and operated by SEAL pool and allied pools from single pool alliance which allows easy distribution of rewards to pool delegators.

You can find the interface here and it's very easy to use. You just enter you staking address (you can find it in cardano scan or and check if you are eligible for rewards by your pool. If you are, then there are following situations:

You either got more than 1.4ADA in reward from your pool and then you can instantly withdraw the reward, or in case you have less than that, you will need to send a deposit of 2ADA to cover the min UTXO transfer and TX fees and the rest of that 2ADA + the rewards will be sent back to you (minus TX fees ~0.2ADA). We know this sounds almost like these scams when you are told "send us N, we will send you twice back", but this is necessary to easily overcome some of cardano protocol restrictions (most notably the min UTXO size) and also to make this service more affordable for small pools like ours.

If you have any questions about vending machine, or you need help, please contact us