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Loyalty program

We are launching a loyalty program for all our long-term delegators!

NFT collection and SEAL token

We are preparing unique NFT collection that will represent all organisations and animals that we have supported so far. These NFTs will be distributed to our delegators through the loyalty programme. In addition we will be distributing our SEAL token, which proves your dedication to our pool. This token will be also used for treasury governance - in future when metadata support is integrated into most mainstream wallets, owners of the token will be able to vote for charitable organizations that our pool is supposed to donate to.


Prizes of loyalty program

Loyal seals

Three randomly chosen delegators will be granted following prizes during reward epochs:

First prize
Second prize
Third prize

Rules of the loyalty program

How delegator is chosen

We decided to create random, yet verifiable algorithm to choose 3 winners. For that we use last 4 numbers of first block we mint in each reward epoch.

At the beginning of each epoch where we are predicted to mint at least 1 block, we order all eligible delegators by their stake from highest to lowest and use last 4 numbers of hash of our first block in this epoch to calculate which delegator won. The last 4 numbers in the block hash will be divided by amount of eligible delegators and its remainder will be used to determine the order of delegators who won. Here is the algorithm in python:

            # Take last 4 hexadecimal numbers of a block hash
            seed = block_hash[-4:]
            # Convert them to decimal number
            winning_position = int(seed, 16)
            # Divide by amount of eligible delegators (stake >= 500 and not owner wallets, or wallets that recently won) and use remainder to determine position
            # remainder is any number from 0 to delegator_count, randomized by the hash of the block
            winner = winning_position % delegator_count


We will keep tweaking the rules and mechanisms based on our pool performance.

Loyalty winners