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News from our pool

05. Oct 2021: Pledge increased and pool upgraded

We successfully patched our nodes on testnet and mainnet to latest version 1.30.1 and we also decided to add more to our pledge - which is now 24k ADA! Thank you all for staying with us

29. Aug 2021: Mainnet cluster Alonzo ready

We finished upgrade of primary mainnet cluster to latest version after testing everything works ok on testnet. We kept the backup disaster recovery on version 1.27 and in case anything goes wrong we are ready to switchover, but so far everything is stable! That means our pool is ready for upcoming Alonzo hard fork. Thank you for staking with us!

28. Aug 2021: Testnet cluster upgraded to 1.29.0 and ready for Alonzo

We successfully upgraded our testnet cluster to latest version of cardano-node where we are just now conducting rigorous stability tests before deploying to mainnet

27. Aug 2021: Block predicted at epoch boundary

Next epoch we were predicted 4 blocks, but unfortunatelly one of them is right inside the epoch boundary window, which is hardest part of epoch to make a block due to known bugs in cardano-node. For that reason there are high chances that this one block will be missed. This was our first block predicted within epoch boundary, so hopefully we won't get many others in the future! At least not until this bug is fixed... Thanks for staying with us!

12. Aug 2021: Updates from our pool

Hello everyone! Long time no hear, so here we have a little update - we are still operating perfectly without any issues. Pledge was increased again, this time to 20k and we recently made few donations using crypto transactions directly, instead of exchanging ADA to fiat currencies. These transactions are marked with Cardano icon which opens the transaction details. Thank you very much for staking with us!

3. Jul 2021: We increased the pledge!

In light of recent successful epochs and in order to show our ogoing commitment to the Cardano project, we increased the pledge to 18 000! Thank you all for staking with us!

30. Jun 2021: We supported The Ocean Cleanup

Today we made our first donation made directly in crypto - with no intermediate exchange to USD, transaction of 100 ADA to The Ocean Cleanup project - we are glad that there are similar projects that are willing to accept donations directly in crypto and we are always happy to support them!

8. Jun 2021: We have bad and good news

Let's start with the bad news first. Due to unfortunate incident described in this report we missed the only predicted block for epoch 270. We deeply regret this mistake and we made steps to ensure that this will never happen again in the future. This was a first block that we missed since we launched our pool and we believe it was also the last missed block.

Now for the good news: next epoch we are predicted with 5 blocks. We also decided to raise the pledge to 16k to display our long-term commitment to cardano project.

I would like to apologize once more for this issue that happened in this epoch and reassure you that we take the pool operation very seriously.

24. May 2021: We finally broke the streak of unlucky epochs!

After streak of very unlucky epochs, we are slowly getting back on track, next epoch we are predicted with 3 blocks. Not great, not terrible ;) Big thanks to everyone who is still staying with us!

20. May 2021: Our pool is facing enormous misfortune

We were again predicted 0 blocks in next epoch, which is extremely unlikely, due to our stake, but sadly still possible. We would like to ensure you that our pool is fully operational, we made extra steps to verify all configurations, KES key validity, tried different versions of cncli, but result is consistent: 0 blocks for next epoch. We are very thankful to everyone who is staying with us, in this complicated situation.

18. May 2021: Pool servers updated to cardano-node 1.27

We took advantage of zero block epoch in order to update our infrastructure, we did some rigorous test on testing cluster and decided to update all production servers!

14. May 2021: we are under streak of no luck again :(

For next epoch we have 0 blocks assigned in leader log prediction, hopefuly we will have some lucky epochs with many blocks soon, as last few epochs were extremely bellow expected numbers.

13. May 2021: testnet pool upgraded to version 1.27.0

In preparation of pool upgrade, we upgraded our testnet pool first, to observe changes and track down any potential issues. If everything is running smooth, we will upgrade also mainnet servers. Please note, that we also added block prediction overview to pool overview.

5. May 2021: We adopted Gromit!

This epoch we supported Gromit from Sealcentre Pieterburen of the Netherlands. Unfortunatelly, we are out of luck again - next epoch we are predicted only 1 block. Thank you for staying with us!

1. May 2021: Pledge increased!

In order to show our commitment to the Cardano network, we decided to use all collected rewards (and something more on top :)) and increased our pledge to 15k. Also, this epoch finally looks like a lucky one, we have 5 slots predicted.

27. April 2021: We supported Fokarium Stacja Morska!

Despite we are still not outside of unlucky epoch streak (only 2 slots predicted), we still had some ADA in our treasury and so we decided to donate 32.6 (35EUR) to Fokarium Stacja Morska in Poland, Hel!

Fokarium Stacja Morska foka

21. April 2021: Another unlucky epoch

Sorry to bring sad news, but for this epoch we are again predicted low amount of blocks - only 1. It's still better than 0, but less than ideal. Hopefuly future will bring better results.

16. April 2021: We supported Ocean Conservation Namibia

Their project is amazing - OCN is a non-governmental organisation with the primary objective to help entangled seals and other marine animals along the Namibian coast. Their work is well documented on YouTube videos, see an example below. We donated $50 (35.26₳) to their project. Thank you guys!

14. April 2021: For next epoch (260) we are predicted to mint 4 blocks

Luck is back and we are predicted to mint 4 blocks this epoch! Thank you for staking with us

10. April 2021: We ran out of luck - no blocks predicted for epoch 259 😩

It may have seemed to some, that our pool is blessed with extreme luck as we were minting one block after another - this epoch we did all 3 predicted blocks! But alas, our pool is not that special, we are back to the ground with prediction of 0 blocks. But don't worry, we have high hopes that next epochs, situation is going to be much better, thanks to all our new amazing delegators! Thank you so much for staying with us!

9. April 2021: Software update (cardano-node 1.26.1) rolled out to production servers

All production servers were updated to latest version in a fashion that ensured we didn't miss a single block.

8. April 2021: We supported Sea Lions in Zoo Liberec, Czechia

Today, we donated another 10% of our last pool reward as a gift to zoo Liberec in Czechia to support their Sea Lions

Sea Lions

7. April 2021: Software update (cardano-node 1.26.1) rolled out to test cluster

New version of cardano-node was released by IOHK recently and we have already deployed it to our testnet pool, where we are checking for potential issues. It's our commitment to provide rock-solid stable pool for our delegators, so we want to make sure that everything is working well, before we push this version to production nodes!